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!! Rose McGowan’s eye looks better !!

Rose McGowan was in a car accident earlier this year that pushed her eyeglasses into her face and cut the skin under her eyes. As you saw in my former post, the plastic surgeon didn’t get the reconstructive surgery quite right the first time, but I’m happy to report, Rose is looking hot once again. Thank goodness!
The above photo is from the Planet Terror premiere in Madrid yesterday. See one more after the jump.

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    Sure, Rose got into a “Car Crash” that ruined her eyes and got rid of her wrinkles.

    Frank, what a butch sponsor in the
    Ford Super-Duty Trucks!!!! How cool for you! It looks good too, right in the middle of the page under the gorgeous pic of Rose!
    You go Frank!

    I think that Rosie has had a little more than her eye done, sweetie. If I had seen the picture without a name I wouldn’t have known it was her!

    Oh, Thank God! Because I love me some Rose McGowan. Rrrow!

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