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!! Use your iPhone anywhere !!

Some boy genius from New Jersey named George Hotz recently cracked the iPhone so you can use it on other networks! And he went a step further and published all the (very complicated) steps on his blog. If you’re up to the task, you can now hack your own iPhone.

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    hey just wondering if the guy that post for this blog is ok have not seen him for a while and know when he is going for a while he post something before hand so if any peeps has an update post it

    OMG; I miss you! Hurry home

    Strange his last name is hotz (hots), he’s so not.

    !!OMG!! I can’t believe you still have that Geek picture up there!

    wow, not only can John Mayer sing, but he is a genius too?

    Wow.. what a genius. It was only a matter of time.

    This guy is a Rochester Institute of Technology’s current freshman. The school makes a BIG deal about him enrolling into one of RIT’s tech. program. Eh. He is/was on RIT’s homepage for a while.

    very cool! i think he is cute also….have any nude shots???

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