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!! OMG, how filthy: Oozeball !!

My buddy Trey has introduced me to a new sport with lots of potential! It involves sweaty, muddy Texan fratboys… and a volleyball! It’s basically volleyball in the mud, but the dirty results are worth a peek, so hurry up and take a look after the jump!

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    i love this new sport lol~

    i would knock him down rip his shorts off an suck his cock. he is FIT

    this was at my school. wow….

    I’d rip off those shorts and lick his muddy ass!

    OMG Fucking DELECIOUS!!

    fuck the arms…I like the VPL!

    We just call it Mud Volleyball here at UW-Superior…but it’s just as much fun. 😀

    Oozeball? Isn’t that something you get checked at the doctor?

    oozeball is so fun n crazy n itz only at ut arlington , o thatz my homie tommy. . . n he iz mine, sorry studz

    fucking swoon at the guy on the bottom! i wish his shorts were off!!

    this is at my school – the university of texas at arlington. its so much fun omg

    I’ve just proposed marriage to the last guy. We’ll be getting married in mud.

    OMG; I think that’s my favorite sport!

    That last guy is delicious. Look at those arms. YUM!

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