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!! OMG, how perverted: British dolls !!

Baby Wee-Wee has a fully functional toddler penis that pees! Very educational, but I feel the wee-wee part is a bit large… (via Feyfriends)

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    Oh my God… I want one…that big…boy, where can I buy one?

    we all love big wee-wee’s :-p

    First of all the “wee wee part” can NEVER be too big. And second, we can certainly tell that Baby Wee Wee will not be donning a yamaka and attending temple any time soon!

    I actually remember this advert being aired in the UK over the period of a few months. It wasn’t just one of those random ones that got banned, this was a popular children’s toy! I’m pleased to say that I don’t know anyone who bought one.

    It’s baby Jeff Stryker!

    But seriously Frank, is it really FULLY functioning?

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