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!! OMG, he sings: Francois Sagat !!

Gay porn star Francois Sagat puts in a more dynamic performance of “Gimme More” than Britney Spears, and he has a toothbrush in his mouth! [via Queer Me Now, link NSFW]

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    Kevifabulous, you are a fucking douchbag!

    But Kev…he is hot.

    he can annoy me anytime.

    Singing around the toothbrush should not come as a surprise, as I’m sure he’s used to performing with something in his mouth. ­čÖé

    This really re-inforces the saying “See Tarzan, hear Jane”. One thing I find a real turn off is guys who are SO into themselves, and Francois Sagat is definitley one of those guys. I bet some gays on here will say “he’s still hot” and that’s the superficial statement that really defines typical gays. For once I would love to see everyday good looking people in porn, like from the 70s. I am so over this made up macho, steroid taking, attention grabbing persona that gay men want. I went on a tangant here, but it really annoys me.

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