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!! OMG, he’s naked: Ian Somerhalder !!

Thanks goodness for Tell Me You Love Me, which is now officially the most male-nudity-ridden show on American television. And they don’t even use softcore porn actors, but ones we have actually heard of, such as former teen idol Ian Somerhalder. See the very NSFW stills and video after the jump!

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
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    Once again, you’ve made my day!

    is that a breast in my sex?! eww! cute butt.

    good lord i didnt realize his talent was so impressive

    He is so delicious.

    ???????where’s any thing to see

    That might just make this horrible show worth watching, with the sound turned off, of course.

    You’ve made my day! *-*
    HOTTTT *-*

    NO, no, That’s porn. Adult content. We are just interested in nudism which is divine. I will go to nudistconnect.com. There are real nudist personals and couples. Not the porn.

    i really like this show for the nudity but my god it is so fucking white!

    hey frank, do u have any nude photo’s of mark ruffalo. i just heard that recently he goes naked for a movie or something.. (i’m not sure) but can u help me check it out?? please.. ur da best!! thank you..

    Omg, Ian…. naked….. and in all his humping glory!

    Which episode is this exactly in? When did it first aired?

    Dear Lord, he’s huge!
    Why aren’t they having intercourse?

    Damn, he’s hot. I was so sad when his character on Lost died.

    GREAT COCK! that’s huge…and cut…yummy!

    OMG!! So hot! LOVE Ian!!

    Damn he’s so hot. And his …. —> *_*
    Wow so big.

    what a large penis.i want to eat it and his balls .very hot i want you

    Ohhhh my giotto
    Er ists einfach. Er ist SEX pur
    welche serie ist das? TMYLM?

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