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!! OMG, he’s naked: Rafael Córdova !!

As it’s becoming increasingly common in Brazil to see figures from the public eye not only pose nude, but to pose with hard-ons for gay magazines, I’m happy to bring you these high-res photos of Rafael Córdova, goalkeeper for Brazilian soccer team Vitória, in some very compromising positions.
Lots of NSFW photos after the jump.

Click to enlarge.
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    Gee, sure wish our sports stars would pose like this. Heck, why not our movie/tv stars as well!!

    Good gracious! Just more reasons to love Brazil! (And soccer!)

    Now THAT’S naked! Thank you!

    one word…WOW!!!!
    he is sexy as hell!!!! looks like i got a new background for my computer..lol

    Lets go to Brazil… He was sexy…Man, how I would love to take a shower with him….Just to wash his back of course. He has the perfect size unit as well..

    Sorry but he looks just like my non-descript neighbors. Nothing special, surely nothing to get hot about.

    thank you thank you thank you. the pissing shot is so fucking hot.

    These are the hottest nude pics that you’ve posted. WOW!!!! Thanks for the visuals…

    liek amagad
    I should watch more brazilian soccer.

    Most of the naked guys you post on here I think are always cute and sometimes hot, but geez! This guy is so fucking hot!! Reminder to Self: Go to Brazil!

    Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! I want that!

    wow…that guy should have fucked him instead of that corpse!

    I think I have to start watching more soccer!

    wow,,,superised he took so many hard shots. I love how he skinned it back…thats so hot.

    Uhh…HOT!!! I’m not for Brazil but after seeing this I’m thinking I should travel there. Anyways, does anyone know what it says on the pic that he is drinking out of the bottle. thanks!!

    Damn…. sure wish I could have been the fluffer on that photo shoot!

    the pic with his hard on is just so freaking hot. i wonder if you could post similar things from those brazilian gay magazine….

    Holy Crap! This is a straight athlete posing for a gay magazine? Wow… note to self: Go to Brazil! They must either be very open minded or pay the athletes very well! Either way, who cares. Just keep those images cum-ing!

    It’s nice to see that a hot brazilian soccer player with a hot cock and ass is not afraid to show it off in a homoerotic way.

    So hot, but that cheesy junior highschool mustache has to go.

    he looks absolutely delicious!!!! what i wouldnt give to lick him all over!!!

    and I love his long foreskin…..

    I love how he’s peeing…oh, fuck yes. A celebrity doing something THAT NATURAL publicly? Yessssss.

    What an unfortunate choice of color for the water bottle — it looked like he was sucking a Fleshlight.
    And for an athlete, I expected better looking feet… I’m being a bitch, I know.

    Jonathan Guzman. Here’s the translation for ya:
    endgame,time to get full naked,and victory belongs to the one wich is searching for pleasure.

    Hott….I’d do him in a heartbeat ha
    his face isnt amazing though…
    ugh I keep comparing guys to my sexy best friend…I need to stop doing that

    i wanna shower with him. then he can fuck me ass and throat

    he is sooo hottt i want him to fuck my mouth so i can swallow his cum

    beautiful well rounded attractive buttocks, fantastic uncircumcised penis (he is not an American) when erect it is a pole, a priapic pole!

    what wonderful buttcocks! Ready to be penetrated!

    these pics prove that a beautiful non-erect uncut cock is very sexy when erect, in thsi case foreskin fully retracted (it could be partially retracted only! And shows incredible erection ready for good, very good sex!

    sexy foreskin but fantastic eatable buttocks, ready for penetration! He is bisexual!

    in the third ass photo, he is trying to open his soaped buttocks: he is insinuating, or calling: penetrate me, please. I would do it wonderfully, in a very sexual way…!

    US hot ladies: you still dont want an uncut men in your bed, after these scenes?

    a ese culo riquisimo, despues de splicarle un enema, le pentrare con mi verga grande, hasta el fondo: ve a temblar de placer!

    As you can see, you Americans, uncut men can have very hard hard-ons!

    So sexy. That’s some boooo-teee-full manliness right there. Those dumb “foreskin is icky” people, I bet they wouldn’t turn him down.

    Oh those well-rounded fucksble protruding butts!

    Still wanking to this after all this time; what a man and what an ass

    What a sexy man, love straight show offs, I’d fuck that all day

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