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!! OMG, how faggy: Newborns !!

Looking at this poster from a controversial new gay rights campaign featuring a baby with a “homosexual” tag around its wrist and the tagline “sexual orientation is not a choice,” you might think the organization behind it was the gay equivalent of PETA. In fact, the campaign is a project of the regional government of Tuscany, Italy. (via DNA)
Yes, that’s right. A government body is making people squirm over its controversial liberal politics. I can barely wrap my head around the idea.

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    natural selection called… it says, yeah, i don’t think so.

    Actually the pay-off is more general, it says: “Sexual orientation is not a choice”. Which makes the campaign even stronger. It’s about equality not discrimination.

    It’s a good thing Jerry Falwell is dead……he’d have a field day with this one.

    We had this add in Canada like 2 years ago.

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