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!! OMG, how wacky: Mariah Carey’s house !!

Make sure your eyes don’t fall out of your head from looking at this photo of Mariah Carey surrounded by hundreds of Hello Kitty items in her bizarre fantasy bathroom. Mariah let Glamour magazine inside her house, and it is one of the more revealing pieces seen in that publication since their last “What Men REALLY Want” article.
See more photos of Mariah’s insanity after the jump.

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    I love Mariah, she’s one of the most talented musicians around. She writes her own songs, produces them etc. If i had a zillion dollars my house would look like a fantasy land too. Seeya

    She’s ridiculous. And she always looks like she needs a bath. Maybe someone can send her a Hello Kitty loofa.

    yep.. she’s nuts.

    Mariah rules. Did u read the article with the Hello Kitty? Those were sent by fans? It’s great she keeps the stuff rather than throwing or giving it away. She loves the fans..

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