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!! OMG, new Britney song: Radar !!

There are parts that sound suspiciously like Rihanna’s “S.O.S.” but “Radar” is a good follow-up single to “Gimme More,” and if the rest of her new “Blackout” album follows suit, Britney Spears could actually have a decent comeback if she would only stop embarrassing herself. I wish her only the best.

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    This shit all sounds the same to me – same old song. The chorus sounds funny, like she’s holding her nose.

    PLEASE stop, my ears are bleeding. Brit is reportedly worth over 300 million…RETIRE…do your fans a favor and STOP so we can remember you when you were still relevent

    omg ! what total crap !! who listens to this garbage ?

    Britney’s album has leaked online. There’s no denying that this is an AMAZING pop album. One of her best [if not THE best!].

    sounds very common and utterly forgettable, like the usual overly produced ‘music’ she puts out.
    more boring than the rest

    There are so many other leaked songs that are WAY better than Radar, such as ‘Get Back’ and ‘Ooh Ooh Baby’.
    Radar gets a little repetitive.

    umm its been out mister
    you posted it like 3 weeks ago.

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