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!! Pete Doherty engaged to a different model !!

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Babyshambles frontman/international embarassment Pete Doherty has just proven to the world that he is the marrying kind, having had two fiances in less than a year!
Now that he and his ex Kate Moss are on the outs, he has found a younger, fresher model to take her place at the altar: last season’s “it” girl Irina Lazareanu. The young Canadian also sings back-up in his band, so it’s a convenient arrangement for everyone.
Kate must feel the tiniest bit betrayed considering she hand-picked Irina to model her new line for Top Shop. Or maybe she knew along.
Whatever, God bless their union. May their love last forever!

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    I actually thought he and Kate Moss and gotten married. I am so out of the loop.

    He looks… disgusting… utch. I’m sorry for that super model.

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