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!! Ryan Phillippe’s first role !!

Am I the only one who never knew that Ryan Phillippe starred in a David LaChappelle-directed Armani Jeans commercial with a cameo by Amanda Lepore? You even see his butt for a second or two.

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    Amanda’s obviously spent a shitload of cash on (bad) Plastic surgery. Too bad she still looks like a tranny version of Jocelyn Wildenstein.
    Is that Hillary Swank in the commercial with Ryan P?

    No no no. This so wasn’t his 1st role. It was in One Life to Live. I was in high school. I so had a hard on for him. He played a gay teen coming to terms with his sexuality. Obviously I identified.
    “One Life to Live” (1968) TV series …. Billy Douglas (unknown episodes, 1992-1993)

    I think this ad was shot AFTER White Squall…

    I would love to see it again and again. I wonder how old was he when he made that. ANy idea>?

    OMG! That was so HOT! Gotta love David and Amanda.

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