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!! Same Script, Different Cast !!

The script:

Whitney Houston: “Oh, hey, Deb”
Deborah Cox: “Hmm-hmm”
W: “Thank you for being woman enough to come”
D: “Whitney, what’s this about?”

Cast 1:
“Patricia Juleya and Yna Luv trying to become Whitney and Deborah”

Cast 2:

Cast 3:
“Susan Lee featuring She. ‘Same Script, Different Cast’ at Orange Club, Kuala Lumpur”

Now that you’ve seen them all, which South East Asian drag performers embody Whitney and Deborah the most? And the more important question: What is it about this song that inspires so many SE Asian lip-synch performances on YouTube? (Thanks to Bennett for the tip!)

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    Yes, the props in #2 win trump the performances in #1. Especially the smoking.

    Not enough smoking in #3 so #1 for sure (though the Deborah looks more like Whitney in that one).

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