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!! Guess the costume: Adam Levine !!

I’m not sure what Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was dressed up as for Halloween, but I think I like it! My guess is “Fight Club.” Two more photos after the jump.

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    maybe kano from mortal kombat

    He’s gorgeous!

    ya think he was a fan of “room 222”?

    the torso is workin’ for me .. now just put this bag over your head and drop trou and let’s see what we’re dealing with here….

    He is Brad Pitt from the Fight Club. The bruise on his forehead, and the glasses are a dead giveaway, and that brown jacket is definitely Fight Club. Go rent the movie its awesome! He looks good. Doesn’t he swing both ways?

    god adam levine is fucking hot. would love to see him completely naked and have him screw me

    thats my friends boyfriends cousin! hahhaa. they had thanksgiving dinner together last year 😮

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