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!! Halloween sudden death !!

(Image Source)
Michael Kors pimp
Mario Lopez gladiator
Which costume do you prefer?
(Image Source, link NSFW)

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    omg mario lopez is a fucking 10.
    what a dream.
    look at those cheeks!

    peazo de culo
    piece of ass…

    “Peazo de culo” means “piece of ass”…and what a piece. Yum!!!!

    Mario, definitely! What does “peazo de culo” mean?

    Pimp? I thought he was trying to be Elton John!

    Ummm…. put me down on… I mean… put me down FOR Mario!
    What… what a body!

    Everybody loves halloween, but I bet not even half of then knows the history behind the party. The National Geographic Channel made a documentary to inform the origin of the Halloween. It can be found here: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/21537/halloween_history
    Very interesting isn’t it? Now we know why kids asks for candies on that day 😛

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