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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jiri Tlusty !!

Finally, a little local nudity! Toronto Maple Leafs (that’s hockey, ya’ll) team member Jiri Tlusty recently sent some aroused photos of himself to some girl on Facebook who then spread them around the Internet. They don’t scout you for your brains in hockey, I guess.
The photos, taken on a cell phone camera, are reminiscent of the Pete Wentz nudes [NSFW] that everyone goes so crazy for on here. So enjoy them after the jump [NSFW]!

UPDATE: I’ve been “cease and desist”ed by Jiri’s lawyer. Since the dumbass took the photos of himself with his cellphone, he technically owns the copyright on the images. Sorry everybody! I hope you saw the photos while they were up. You can always try Google Image Search.
(Image Source via Is This Happening. Thanks to Simon F. for the tip!)

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