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!! OMG, his buttcrack: Lenny Kravitz !!

Performing the half-time show for Canada’s Grey Cup football game, Lenny Kravitz gave a little-bit extra to his fans in form of his sweaty buttcrack. It seems he is so bootylicious that he busted right out the top of his pants! Check out the NSFW video and stills after the jump (along with a racier bonus photo)!

Reach for it… Just a little further!
Watch the video:

(via BlogTO)
And just for fun:

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    NO WAY !!!!
    That man has the dick of death.
    What I would give to ride his tray !!!!
    Only a real fan knows. 😉

    He seems a little small on that last one.

    crack is whack. in a good way, yum yum.

    omg, that butt crack aint that exciting. he looks like his dick is pretty small though

    OMG buttcrack-gate! Somebody call the CRTC!

    is the last one real?

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