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!! OMG, how tragic: Transdimensional gay love !!

I’m back, everybody! Big thanks to guestblogger Graydon for doing such an awesome job while I was away. I’m not sure I would have ever learned about pet requiems without him!
Also, thank you to everyone who has been voting for me in the Gay Bloggies! I can confirm now that I have made it to Round 6, which will start on Friday. Details to come!
Now please enjoy the video: a condensed version of a gay romance between a soldier and a dimensional traveler on the BBC sci-fi series Torchwood (a Dr. Who spin-off). It’s pretty bad luck to fall in love with a guy who has to jump back into the portal from which he came before you can even see him naked. (via Wayoutwest.tv)

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    That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that =)

    Man, that ep was better than I could have hoped. I never saw it coming. Agreed, the kiss was more meaningful than sex would have been. I about cried. “To Capt. Jack”!

    i miss torchwood! waaa great scene!

    aww that was wayyy cute.

    screw the naked, the make out was worth it, not a bad kiss!

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