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!! OMG, it’s Graydon !!

Hey everybody, I’m going on a little American Thanksgiving vacation and I thought I would experiment with that whole “guest blogging” phenomenon that everyone else has been doing for years and I’ve been too controlling to ever try.
For once I decided I would put you, my beloved readers, ahead of my own neuroses, and besides that, I finally found someone who will do such a great job you probably won’t want me to come back. And with that I introduce to you guest blogger Graydon! Please be nice to him in comments.
And please please please, don’t forget to vote for me in Round 3 of the Gay Bloggies where you can read about my “(not) guilty pleasures.” Just hit the “thumbs up.”
I will be back next Wednesday. See you then! xo Frank

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    wow. youre not ugly.

    Graydon is adorable.

    I love Graydon more! Holy yumminess!! 🙂


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