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!! OMG, it’s my last post! !!

I was trying to come up with something really good for my last post before Frank comes back tomorrow, but I couldn’t. So I’ve posted a link to the game KITTEN CANNON so you can pass the time killing kittens until the OMGodfather comes back.
Thanks to Frank for trusting me with his blog! Thanks to you for your patience with my posting! Keep voting for the one-and-only Frank in the Gay Bloggies, keep reading OMG Blog, and stay gay! What? Nothing…

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    I used to play this game all the time until I lost it. Thanks!

    I really enjoyed Graydon’s posts… until this one. WTF???

    Thanks Graydon. She´s on the phone and art fags were fun!

    But I don’t want you to leave just yet! Oh well, if you’re ever in Alberta and want to get married or something… 😉
    *many kisses*

    You did a splendid job, Graydon!

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