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!! OMG, it’s tonight: ‘Project Runway’ premiere !!

Let the countdown begin! Are you in or are you out??

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    It was great. lots of characters this season. Lots of older artist types. I love Chris’s mellow confidence and intense costumes. and I am secretly hopeing elisa stays on longer cause she seems like such a craxie creative yogi and I like the drama between her and bitchy christian-obviously a power player! but hey, he made a pretty awesme outfit. I can’t wait to see what they do next! I love how this season has so many eccentics!

    i taped it. my co watcher passed out. dammit.

    I have never watched this shoe before, but Heidi’s appearance on the Today show on Tuesday has sparked my interest.

    soooo in!

    Will this be shown in Toronto? I have Rogers basic cable, and Bravo has something called “Ham and Cheese” in that time slot.

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