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!! OMG, just kidding: Gay military dry humping !!

This soldier is just joking around with his best bud in front of a bunch of other soldiers. It’s just a joke, right? A really prolonged, homosexual joke. (via AHRRRRR, link NSFW)

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    Looked like he got a semi. You know he did. And from the way he was holding his buddy’s waist you know he had practice.

    i live across the street from a frat house and i totally know what you mean about the homoerotic thing. it’s like they’re so straight, they end up being even more gay than i am ha ha! i invariably end up thinking “sooo gay” every time i walk past.

    lol mike made this one too its funny hehe

    What the hell was that? 🙂

    Hey now. That was kinda hot.

    At first I didn’t understand why he was doing that, but then I think back to most “frat Guys” who are so homo-erotic but homophobic. I’ve seen less dick than most straight guys, and it’s not by accident when there in the showers. At my school, when someone got drunk at a party there’d always be stories of a guy getting naked. It’s weird.

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