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!! OMG, they’re amazing: Quickchange artists !!

David and Dania are a married couple with a magical act that combines ballroom dancing, flashy costumes, wigs, and Russianness all in one short performance! You will be shocked and entertained. (Thanks to Maite for the tip!)

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    Me and Brandy are totally flabbergasted.

    They are SO cool! There was a quickchange duo on Australia’s Got Talent earlier in the year too. Mindboggling.

    They are amazing, but sadly this is about 1-1/2 years old, lol. They were on the first season of America’s Got Talent that aired in the summer of 2006. They made a special return visit this season too. I almost thought I had it figured out when a dress got stuck once, but I still am not really sure how they do it so fast!

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