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!! OMG, You can see his butt and bare chest… !!

Okay, I know what you people want. Skin. Don’t we all?
So for my first post I’ll give you a bit…but just a bit. Then later in my guest-blogging stint I’ll give you some weiner pictures. I’ve got a movie on hold at my video store so I can make some screen grabs for my next skin-post.
For now have a look at DOUGLAS SMITH’S butt and nipples and abs. The stills are from the TV show BIG LOVE, and Douglas is from Toronto (where I live). And yes, though he has a baby face, he’s legal.
Anyway, enough reading – have a look at this cherub’s angel-buns after the jump (NSFW).
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    Welcome Graydon!

    Awww… he’s a cutie. Hey, can I make a request for Emile Hersch from “Into the Wild?”

    More more more. cute overload

    Amgz, my favourite person from Big Love.
    I swear when I saw that on the show I wet myself.

    Hi Graydon!
    Great first post.

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