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!! Victor Webster barely keeps it in his pants !!

While filming an episode of Mutant X, actor Victor Webster lost control of his body, maybe due to the “neutralization” treatment his character was receiving, and his erection ran away with the scene. This outtake is SFW and hilarious. (via Queerclick, link NSFW)

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    the soldier who was bending over the table obviously enjoyed what he felt was pressing his butts,and the other guy had a boner, he must have liked very much. He wished they woould be nakeed, obviously-

    I think the boner was spontaneous. I can’t otherwise imagine who the joke was meant for. I believe an actor could have such a reaction given everything and he seemed to try to hide his condition until the director pointed it out. Anyway, I was very amused by the clip.

    sadly, it’s a practical joke… and I mean sadly, because if it was real, there would have been a riot!

    Hot! Obviously, the “neutralization” has some positive side effects. Yum.

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