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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s a model: Michael Biserta !!

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Remember former FDNY Firefighter Michael Biserta who posed for the naked Firefighters calendar and then actually got naked on video? Well he’s just landed himself a modeling contract with Red Model Management.
Congrats, Michael! It goes to show shaking your superhumanly huge manhood around on camera for a bunch of girls can pay off professionally.
In case you never saw the infamous NSFW video, you can watch it after the jump.

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    fucking hot!! I wanna see more.

    You have no idea how many times I’ve masterbated while watching this clip…who knew they made ’em that big?!?!

    OMG! That’s all I can say.

    always amazing what a dumb straight guy will do for a few dumb girls. he had no idea that the audience for this video would be 99% gay did he?

    It’s not even semi-hard!!!

    Oh man I remember this guy from Guys Gone Wild…who knew he was a firefighter.

    I dunno what to say except…please put that in my mouth. OMG, i’m hard just looking at him. I want him!

    woa that’s cool

    whoa. He can certainly sell calenders with that dick,

    that’s make me horny and want to jrk off a hundred time with him.
    can I??

    OK – I hope he’s successful with this agency – because the models on their home page are downright SCARY. Scrawny, puffy-lipped, scraggly…it’s like they dressed up a methadone clinic. Hope Michael has better luck.

    I didn’t even masturbate!! I just couldn’t handle it and came ALL over… so hot…

    Just thankfully he appreciates us gay people. He supposedly has a gay friend that’s coming out of the closet soon.

    This vid is on the Guys Gone Wild video series. All he does is takes his manhood out, shakes it, then heads for the showers. The bitches want him to jerk off but he refuses and that’s it!

    I actually fucking love his voice, like when he says, WHATS THE CRAZIEST THING I’VE EVER DONE, THIS THIS IS THE CRAZIEST THING I’VE EVER DONE.
    like makes me cream hahahaha 😛

    why wont the video play

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