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!! OMG, he’s naked (again): Jake Shears !!

The Scissor Sisters have released a documentary called Hurrah: A Year of Ta-Dah that includes lots of live concert footage, backstage tid-bits, and more importantly, lead singer Jake Shears‘s tid-bits! Watch the trailer for the film above and see an animated GIF of that particular NSFW moment after the jump.
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BONUS: Play the fun game “whack-a-sister” where you can hit all the band members on the head with a wooden mallet.

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    omg pls! even just a non-nude pic of you would be awesome. from the little thumbnail on the site where I vote for you every day (3 computers, 3 votes, plus 2 thumbs down for the two others = 9 votes 😀 anyway you look damn cute in that pic. give us a bigger pic! 😀

    Yeah Frank… show us YOUR goods!!

    I agree lets see yours….

    OMG why do you post all these naked photos/videos of everyone else?
    I’m sure everyone else wants to know where yours are… OK well maybe not everyone…Just me…
    Thanks for the entertainment!

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