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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Alexandre Albertoni !!

Alexandre Albertoni used to be in the Brazilian boy band Dominó, but he must have fallen on hard times as he’s now posting nude for G Magazine, and you know when they pose for G, they go all the way, so what are you waiting for? Check out the very NSFW action after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video here.
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    Didn’t the whole band Domino pose nude for G a few years back?

    Now thats just pretty!

    ummmmm I love that hairy cock!!

    Wow he’s just gorgeous. Should have done so earlier. Anyone knows how old he is?

    Dude, its aout time that we saw a guuy w/ a normal size cock!!!

    ive been reading your blog along time and been voting for you all the way and i just checked out the other blogs and im still not sure why there still here i just wanted to let you know i think this is one of your best post (and not because hes a hot guy with a hot cock too) ttyl and good luck

    Nice Basket

    wow he is so hott! i think u r going to win gaybloggie! ur site is incredible.

    Wow… What a handsome man and a most delicious derrière. Definitely the total visual package.


    yea he’s 23

    I have never heard of him or his band, but let me say he is so sexy in these pictures! Cute face, sweet ass, killer body and what a hot cock! What I would do to that guy..YUM!
    Great post as usual!!!!

    OMG!! HE IS SOOO HOT!! He could fuck my ass any day!!(mmm I would suck his hot cock too)

    darn his cute and really ozzingly hot but darn his not circumsized!!!!!!! But nevertheless his still my sexy dream!!!!!!

    Damn that aint a normal size i feel sorry for him but must take some guts to whip that little thing out on film

    Must he have fallen on hard times? Maybe he gets off on being seen, maybe he’s trying to generate buzz. Maybe he’s just damn proud of his very nice body; if I looked like that I’d pose nude for a magazine. If someone hot and well known but not doing well really wanted to make some cash I’d think they’d do better to directly market a nude DVD or some’n. Magazines usually pay very poorly.
    On the comment on the man’s size, how pitiful. A few pics like the last don’t do him favors, but looking at all the pics he’s somewhere near the 6 inch mark which is hardly abnormal. Trimming the bushes back a bit would help perception, but its probably nothing he’s worried about. I’d do him even if it were much smaller.

    as i watch the video here, seems like he doesn’t really want to pose and show his cock. i don’t like the video since i feel pity on him as i look his face. you can really feel that he doesn’t want what he is doing by that time.

    look at that big dick. its glowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he looks gorgeous.. i love his cock it sure looks delicious and hot too…

    i feel sorry for him too – it finshes his carreer – now we´ve seen all of him… i meen a wanking star (in the video)? hardly…. i mean i would love to see more naked or wanking stars – but it makes them too human i guess – the are not stars anymore after we saw THAT

    omg!!he’s not circumcised?? though he’ss pretty damn hot!!

    he is not circumcised: that ia his asset!When will US males acccept circumcision? Dont circumcise your newborn male babies! Sex is much more sensitive with foreskin and frenulum! Find out!

    Who cares that hes Intact! (not circumcised) An intact penis looks a lot healthier than a dried up circumcised penis. Hes lucky his rights weren’t taken away and im sure sex feels 10 times better than it would if he was circumcised! The foreskin contains 20,000+ nerve endings. When you chop that off of your newborn baby boy they will never grow back and sex is definitely less satisfying! Personally i think the foreskin is sexy and holds much meaning! look up functions of the foreskin…educate yourself. Learn something new. and dont put this man down for being WHOLE! thats just ignorant!

    It is true that foreskin AND freenulum contain more than 20,000 sex-sensiive nerve endings, so US cut guys may feel they have wonderful sex, and they surely do, but nothing compared to sexual intense pleasures we uncut guys feel!And this guy is so proudly circumcised!

    I do rectify myself; in one of the first small photos he apppears uncut.In the other pics (to impress the US public) he retracted his foreskin, so as to look circumcised.Having sex he feels EVERYTHING ! He enjoys!

    Appearing in that gay magazine it means he is gay! He gives us the clue:he shows big protruding well-rounded buttocks in one of the pics!

    Wow. What a gorgeous uncut penis. And beautiful bush and balls. And he has the most perfect ass and thighs. I love his hairy trail up his abs. He has a beautifully chiseled body and a beautiful face. The things I’d like to do to him. Yummy

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