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!! OMG, how faggy: Tyler channeling Beyonce !!

Now that video editing is in the hands of the people this is the result: gays lip-synching and dancing in their underwear to Beyonce’s song “Lost Yo Mind” for all the Internet to see, and with cuts and effects and everything! (Thanks to Alex E. for the tip!)
Also, in case you missed it earlier this year, “Lost Yo Mind” inspired the most amazing Sims music video I have ever seen. Yes, it’s even better than the one for “Smell Yo Dick.” Watch it after the jump.

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    All you bitches who didnt love this can blow me lol
    You know you love Miss Beyonce
    How do I find this guy on myspace? I love him lol
    This was freaking great

    Terrible song. Mild laughs.

    I really didn’t…

    Is it just me or does anyone else think he makes the GREATEST facial expressions … i think hes cute … but that could just be the fact that he has a nice body >_

    Hmm, a crazy person. For some reason, I couldn’t stop myself from watching all of it…

    Yeah, Miss Thing lost her mind alright, Did she have to buy everything from West Elm?

    He’s lost his mind

    if you wanna dance in your undies and don’t have a natural endowment, shove a sock or something down there before the cameras begin to roll so that you don’t look like a TOTAL girl, girl !

    Oh, he definitely lost his mind.

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