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!! OMG, how foreign: Punjabi ‘Thriller’ !!

This Indian interpretation of Michael Jackson‘s hit song and music video “Thriller” reminds me how vast cultural differences can be. (Thanks to Angie for the tip!)

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    how nice of selma hayek to help them out on the video. she almost looks pretty in it..lol

    Thanks for this. The language is ‘telugu’, a South Indian language. For the record, there is no language called ‘Madrasi’!

    I was half expecting that his crotch would split open.

    You would probably want to watch the following one..
    Awesome dancing! The guy is Benny Lava in a different video…
    And it is not as shitty as the Indian thriller posted here!

    It’s not Punjabi… it’s Madrasi.. Pubjabi is a north indian language and Madrasi is south indian

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