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!! OMG, how freaky: Weston Coppola Cage & his mom !!

This big goth guy is Nicholas Cage‘s son Weston Coppola Cage and that scary blonde lady is the baby momma Christina Fulton! How did I never know about these people before??
Christina Fulton is an “actress/philanthropic designer” and her son Weston is the co-designer of their fashion label Fulcage. All the proceeds from any clothes sold go to the Fulcage/Single Mom Foundation, which benefit hard-done-by single mothers like Christina.
(via Dlisted)

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    You’re a stupid Idiot. This is Sahgrath from Dimmu Borgir

    OMG he’s 16, y’all! IF THAT!

    Freaky? He’s freakin’ hot!

    OMG! Look at the exquisite cheekbones on that man! ::swoon:: He looks kinda (native) indian. Hm?

    I never knew about either of them either! He’s totally hot and she looks YEARS older than Nicholas Cage.

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