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!! OMG, how stinky: ‘Flavor of Love’ !!

Before today I had never seen an episode of Flavor of Love.
Before today I had never seen a grown woman poop on the floor in a reality show.
Today is a day of firsts!
Her name is “Somethin'” and here is what she has to say about the incident:

“it just pushed itself out”

And Flava Flav’s response:

“I like Somethin’ because she’s real with it. She’s like ‘yo check this out baby this is who I am.'”

If I weren’t already sitting, I would need to go sit down. (via Bad Shape)

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    I love this show. Something was a nasty ass b*%#h for this one.lol

    I love this show and that episode was pretty funny.

    Oh jesus god, what kind of lowlife scum do you have to be to take a dump on somebody’s fucking livingroom floor?

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