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!! OMG, new Janet Jackson: ‘Feedback’ !!

Janet Jackson has a new single, which means a new album can’t be far behind. Listen to “Feedback” right here and start dancing!
Click to play:

DOWNLOAD the track here
(Audio Source. Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)




    Favourite line: “My swag is serious/I’m heavy like a first-day period.”


    This sounds exactly like Toy Soldier by Britney Spears. The Army Beat in the background and the style of singing with the trademark “oohs”. Janet hasn’t be relevant in the last 15 years, and this won’t do her anything spectacular. Who is she competing with, Rhianna? She is too old to play those games. Bitch was never memorable.

    It is a hot track, and being old has nothing to do with good music. Britney would be nothing without a good production team.

    It reminded me of a cross between Britney’s “Toy Soldier” and Rihanna’s “Breakin’ Dishes”, actually.
    Kevifabulous, Janet’s last amazing album was 1997’s “Velvet Rope” so it’s 10 not 15! :p

    Sounds like brittney singing that milkshake song……blah

    Britney and Rihanna? Please. Janet’s been doing it since before these bitches were even thought of. And as always, she continues to do it better.

    Comparing Janet to Britney is a back-handed slap at Britney.

    Wow Kevi… kind of strong there, need a hug? I agree with you Glenn, Velvet Rope was her last amazing album, everything since then has been just decent, with the exception of 20yo, that was just a nightmare from hell. JD should not be involved in her professional life. I like this song though, I think it will do well.

    Janet and Madonna have been doing it over a decade longer than all of these fly by night, forgettable chicks in the music business and in their 40s, still do it way better. If it weren’t for Janet and Madonna, there would be no Britney or Rihanna. You don’t have to like them but they deserve respect. Learn it!

    As usual, I love it! Janet is the best, and always has been. Can’t wait for that cd.

    Best Janet song in years!

    The closest Britney could come to this is hearing it on the radio while browsing for snacks at 7-11.

    I agree with Donte that Dupri should have never gotten involved in producing Janet’s music.
    But I can’t get over how much air brushing on the above pic of JJ… She is 40 this year! I understand the pressure to look young and such; but this is just ridiculous!

    Thank you for that! I can’t wait for this to come out.

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