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!! OMG, please vote: Gay Bloggies FINAL ROUND !!

The Gay Bloggies are almost over at long last! The winner will be announced this Saturday, and until then I hope you’ll “thumbs up” my final entry and get your friends to do the same!
Also important this round is for you to “thumbs down” my competitors, as it takes away their votes. It’s like voting for me three times!
First THUMBS DOWN Fausto
And let me remind you one more time that if I win I will be giving away fourteen 1-year memberships to sites like Sean Cody, You Love Jack, Corbin Fisher, and more.
Thanks again for all your support through this long process. I promise I won’t put you through it again unless there is an equally sweet cash prize waiting for me at the end! Don’t forget to “thumbs up” my final entry! xo Frank

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    hey good luck i went to vote again but i guess i can only do it once lol
    i fwd all my friends to vote tho !

    You’re always the best!
    Good luck

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