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!! OMG, please vote: Gay Bloggies, Round 8 !!

Round 8 of the Gay Bloggies is here and we wrote about the most important moments of 2007! Mine discusses a personal epyphany I had due to Miss Alexyss Tylor (pictured above) and her Vagina Power public access show.
Please take a second to give me the thumbs up for this round! We’re almost there… I can taste the cash and I’ll bet you all can taste your free porn memberships. I’ll be giving away each and every one in the prize package, but only if I win!
UPDATE: There were DNS problems with the Gay Bloggies site this morning. Please vote now if you weren’t able to earlier!

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    i don’t think that link works..

    Is anyone else having problems voting today, the site appears to be gone?
    We must keep voting! I’ve got 20 people voting for Frank already!

    I went to vote, but your links aren’t working… 🙁

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