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!! OMG, she’s fading from view: Ann Coulter !!

Sales of garbage-spewing hag Ann Coulter‘s new book If Democrats Had Any Brains They’d Be Republicans are way down, perhaps because customers everywhere feel they have (or in my case, haven’t) read it before, over and over again. (via Queerty)

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    She is a genious Hott and is right on most occaisions

    my dream of seeing her sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the street may finally come true!
    also, she is NOT smart.

    “IT” reminds me of Jim Varney…
    Know what I mean Vern?

    it’s the nose! ann’s nose is much more aquiline. also look how fat her arms look. ann’s arms are surely skinnier! but i guess it’s her… making a weird scrunchy face?

    can you say, Cunt Drool?

    She’s disappearing just like a bad case of the clap. If I had my choice….

    I agree with you jolierancher..She’s old enough for the dress…

    Maybe you’ve only seen Coulter a few times because that’s positively her! Evil people age and decay rapidly!

    You’re just so jealous that she is so smart … why is it that liberal fools can call conservatives any name in the book but when conservatives happen to tell the truth, they are immediately demonized?
    Ann Coulter RULES– i have her book and its awesome.

    She manages to look ravaged by meth and soft at the same time. Ann, you’re too old for that dress.

    I can’t wait for this hate-mongering skank’s 15 minutes to be up. She makes the world a much uglier place.

    She looks like trailer trash. She could play Eminem’s mom in a sequel to 8 Mile if Darryl Hannah is too busy.

    w00t! Karma’s a bitch.

    Yes, but imagine the sales she might achieve with her real autobiography:
    “When Horses get Slutty”

    are you pos that’s coulter? doesn’t look much like her in the face to me. the real ann coulter is much more BEAUTIFUL.

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