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!! OMG, he died: Brad Renfro !!

One-time teen heartthrob Brad Renfro has passed away.
The 25 year-old star of The Client and Bully was found dead in his home in Los Angeles yesterday morning. Cause of death hasn’t been determined but speculations abound as he apparently had drug and law problems.
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    this really did bum me out.
    he was soo a crush of mine.
    rip handsome.

    Who didn’t see this coming? He had drug problems since he was a teenageer. Sad.

    oMg!!!! no way!!!!! i loved this kid since he first appeared in the client i am younger than him and wanted him soooo bad he was a star and drop dead gorgeous this just ruined my day i so wanted to meet him 🙁 im gunna cry ………RIP Brad I have all your movies and will watch them and cherish them forever!!!!

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