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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG he’s naked: Andres Segura !!

Spanish model Andres Segura bares all in an editorial spread for Homme Arena. I hadn’t heard of him before, but I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.
Wait, what’s that? Who the hell is Lucia, Andres? Hm? Care to explain that to me? I’ll cut her I swear to God!
See the NSFW photos after the jump.


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    thank for this, i saw years back where all those magazines were sold out!


    Es que los españoles somos demasiado… jejejeje ¡estás tremendo Andrés! (por cierto me encanta que se lleve tener pelitos… viva la influencia “bear”)

    what an ugly old wrinkled brown cock! Whats the point in 4skin? YUCK!!! Get rid of it,it looks like it belongs on an old black man! Can anyone say Nelson Mandela??? LOL!!!

    Lucia was his mum’s name, she passed away some years ago. BTW, I find him very sexy but I didn’t like seeing his cock, yucks.

    I actually know Andres almost personally my mum’s been friends with his dad for years. Lucia is his mum that passed away a few years back RIP. So I’d take that comment back if I was you… just out of respect if nothing else. Get your facts right before writting blogs.
    Kisses to Andres

    Beautiful man!!
    Hey mr Shaun Michaels what’s wrong with 4skin?? lol
    Everyone is born with it so it was meant to be there like other parts of us like ears!! I dont think God or nature was stupid to put it there without a purpose!! Lol

    Oh Kelly, calm down. You sound like a bitch.

    This is god’s proof that only handsome trim model guys — or most women — can rock those gigantic bouffants. But not the rest of us mortal males.

    and this editorial is way old. it has at least 3 to 4 years.

    Lucia is his mother´s name!


    Wow Shaun, racist asshole much?

    I love that kind of body – lean and firm. Great nipples/areolas and i’d trade for that cock any day.

    It reminds me to that film…
    “What a loooovely ride…
    your penis is a […]”

    Is Andres circumcised

    omg! man in all his natural beauty. omg!

    he’s like a Greek demigod sent down from above… a perfect beauty of man 🙂

    why do americans think their circumcised, leathery, dried up prune/beef jerky dicks look good? they don’t and literally only americans think male circuncison is normal (besides jews/muslims)

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