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!! OMG, he’s naked: Justin Theroux !!

Justin Theroux was arguably the hottest male actor on Six Feet Under, and though his role was relatively small, we did get to see the goods on one occasion, even if they were a bit shadowy.
And in another scene, we see the outline of something while he’s handcuffed to the bed.
See both NSFW scenes after the jump!

Click to enlarge. Download nude scene here.
Download handcuff scene here.
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    Justin Theroux naked in Leftovers “I live here now” episode S2/EP10

    thanks a bunch

    I can’t believe that ugly bitch rachel griffiths gets to make out with him.


    Love Six Feet Under, love Justin, love OMG. =]

    Video link is fixed now. Sorry about that, guys!

    He was hot as FUCK as the oi boy in Charlie’s Angels. Gimme some of that!

    I adore this man!

    Have you seen him in “Mulholland Drive”? Too hot!

    I love Justin… Could you fix the first download link? I have to have a clip of his nude walk… amazing. Greatest show ever.

    HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Loved him in Inland Empire. Most paranoid sex scene ever.

    Thought he was packin’ some heat.

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