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!! OMG, he’s naked: Richard Tyson !!

Apparently when the wide-screen format of the 1988 film Two Moon Junction was released, they edited out every bit of star Richard Tyson‘s penis! A travesty! I return it to you in its full (or peeking up from the bottom of the screen) glory after the jump [NSFW].

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    He’s got a nice cock, but he can keep his face.

    If you watch the actual scene where they do it in the barn he totally has a boner. Sherilyn Fenn climbs off of him and it totall swings up to his belly. Way hot!

    Nicely circumcised.

    what are all of you 2 years old? OLD. that’s 1988 first of all, and it would be heaven if more men looked like that instead of “ken dolls”…. jeesh

    Yes, hot and huge dick.

    He’s a little old manish, but definitely hot!

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