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!! OMG he’s naked: Woody Harrelson !!

Want to see what’s under the dot? Really? Even though you’ll be disappointed? Then have a look at the NSFW uncensored version after the jump.
Thanks to Eber for the tip about Woody’s tip.


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    I’d do him.

    The shlong isn’t so disappointing–we can only see part of it. It’s the gut that’s disappointing.

    OMG! He looks like one of those skanky hillbillies from Deliverance.

    it’s FAKE

    Maybe he was getting it hard, so he could shove it down Owen Wilson’s throat, then fuck him like there’s no tomorrow! !

    Poor Woody dosen’t have a very big woody.

    fuck, he’s let himself go a bit!
    am sure it must have been cold that day. i remember him showing quite a packet in “indecent proposal”

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