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!! OMG, how concerned: Bobby Trendy !!

In case you didn’t hear, Britney Spears is in the hospital under suicide watch after a mysterious drug-induced “custody” dispute last night.
First on the scene at the hospital to show his support was Bobby Trendy (remember, from The Anna Nicole Smith Show?). He must have a thing for tragic blondes. (via Towleroad)
Doesn’t the bow on Bobby’s head remind you of something?

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    Now that my “leave Britney alone speech” is complete. Bobby Trendy = wow. I have actually met that cum dumpster. The trashiest most pretentious person I think I have ever met, EVER. That is saying a lot , being that I live in the LA area.

    This whole Britney Spears thing is just stupid. This has become the whole damn world just picking on one person. Really, it is over , you won , just leave the poor broad alone and allow her to pick up her pieces , good lord. Everyone (specifically bloggers, tmz, jonathan jaxson, perez hilton etc etc etc ) should just refuse to report on her and stop making an awful situation WORSE. She is a trashwreck, everyone knows it. Media- you have proved your point, get over it.

    “Doesn’t the bow remind you of something”…LMAO!! Hysterical.


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