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!! OMG, how inclusive: Levi’s !!

Levi’s created an alternate gay ending to one of their commercials for airing during Project Runway. Tim Gunn wouldn’t have it any other way! (via Feyfriends)
This is the original:

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    I have worked with this actor, before the commercial aired. And I have to say he is adorable. I couldn’t help ogling.

    They actually showed the gay version ob Bravo Wednesday night during Project Runway

    The gay version was actually made first for Logo, so I hear, and they had to change it for mainstream TV.

    This has been out for about a year and I never get why Bravo only airs the straight version considering that queers make up about 75% of their viewers.

    Jason is right. This one has been around as long as the “straight” version. I don’t care who he meets up with in the phone booth… as long as we still get to see his fabulous package before he puts on his jeans. *giggle*

    yep.. bravo only shows the str8 version which pisses me off every time they air it.

    This has been out for about a year, but only aired on LOGO (the gay network in the US) for most of the time.

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