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!! OMG, mystery solved: Britney’s meltdown !!

Craig at Puntabulous has just completed extensive research on how Britney Spears went from here:
To there:
He even places blame on one person, and it’s not the person you’re thinking. Check Craig’s post for the answer.

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    I just want her to go away. I’m so tired of hearing about her. Her comings and goings. Her jaunts to hotels and gas stations. I DON’T CARE. She’s a popwreck who squandered her talents and blessings. Let her and her career rest in pieces.

    i went to the website…that was AAAMAZING. i’ll have to say it’s no suprise that the whole madonna make out scene screwed her up from the start….bleh.
    but you know? now that she’s screwed up all the time and doing crazy shit..i’m not so sure i want her to go back to the way she was!!

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