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!! OMG Shia LaBeouf is a Furry !!

The star of the upcoming Indiana Jones movies has finally come out! He’s phreaky and he’s into Furries!
Naw, I don’t know that for sure. These are just promo or editorial photos or something. LaBeouf > The Beef > The Cow/Bull/Steer. Get it? Hey? Someone had their thinking cap on for this concept, hey guys?

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    these are old from saturday night live. they always make everyone do stupid stuff in their pics

    omg! i

    i believe there are similar photos of frank on this very site.

    Got Milk?

    1. His surname “LeBeouf” translates as “The Beef”
    2. These are previously unreleased outtakes from a photo session he did for his Saturday Night Light hosting gig last year.
    3. He’s still sexy as hell.

    I still don’t get it..

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