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!! OMG so true: Rachel Ray endorsement !!

Television host Rachel Ray will endorse your product. All you have to do is fill out THIS LITTLE FORM, and according to the fine print:

Rachael Ray has already accepted your endorsement offer. Upon receipt of this form, Rachael Ray will begin endorsing your product. You will receive, via diminutive courier, a collection of Rachael Ray photographs for your product packaging. Endorsement also includes Rachael Ray Point-of-Purchase displays, life-size Rachael Ray cardboard cut-out and a photograph of Rachael Ray embracing your product like a long-lost relative.

I can’t stand that woman. Looking forward to your hate-mail!
Thanks to Kevin for the tip.




    Say it isn’t so! This has to be a fake because the picture doesn’t even really look like her.
    There are 2 kinds of people in the world – those that like to cook and those that like to eat. Woe is anyone who falls on both sides of that fence 🙂

    Perhaps the lovely, charming and talented Rachael will endorse the classic Peter North decorator ejaculating dildo, which features “a multi-speed vibrating tip for clitoral stimulation and squeezable balls that work in conjunction with the ejaculating mechanism — fill scrotum and squeeze balls for life-like ejaculation… For the ejaculate, it’s recommended that you don’t concoct any recipes that use milk, eggs or sugar. Warm water works perfectly!”

    Welcome to the world of celebrity. You can’t hate Rachel Ray simply because she does what every other celebrity does. Major celebrities just take their endorsement deals to Japan so North America doesn’t see it.

    I have long suspected that Rachel Ray is taking over the world, one supermarket at a time. I don’t like her either. When it comes to Food Network, I’m an Alton Brown man. He’s even nice in person.

    I kind of like Rachael Ray…

    And I just looked at the application… we’re all aware this is a farce… right? Just checking. Still hilarious

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