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!! OMG they’re naked: French Cesar nominee !!

Johan Libereau and Nicholas Cazale have been nominated as for Cesar awards (like the French Oscars) for their breakout performances in the films Les Temoins (Libereau), and Le Fils de l’Epicier (Cazale).
Though the NSFW screen grabs after the jump aren’t from those films, they’re definitely worth looking at. There’s also a third mystery Frenchman in the shower with Libereau.
Thanks to NATHANIEL for the tip and pics.

Libereau (short hair)

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    Why are there so many foreskin haters on this site? To me there is nothing more beautiful (and tasty) than a big thick cock with the skin pulled half-way done over the head. Love to slide it the whole way down with my mouth 🙂

    Ok,let’s get 1 thing straight. Do any of these guys actually clean their cocks? Alls we ever see is wrinkly 4skin. Yuck! They’re not hung,they just got so much repulsive 4skin it hangs down so low n makes em look a bit bigger. I hate when good lookin guys have such UGLY cocks! If ya cant clean em,cut em! 4skin serves no purpose anyway,its just filth collector..UGH!!!

    i have a boner right now


    WE NEED MORE NAKED GUYS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    nice uncut cocks on those sexy french studs! j’aime les bites

    Why so heavily hung? They’ve got the natural amount of skin so their equipment isn’t pulled upward.

    If anyone wants to see the film that Mr Libereau is naked in, it’s called Cold Showers, and it’s available on Netflix.

    Finnaly somebdoy nake , this blog is getting boring with so many cats and dogs and stuff like that

    now why can’t American films show things like this and have thier stars get an Oscar nod? Things are better in Europe.

    Why are the french men always so heavily hung?

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