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!! OMG can we keep her?: La Pequeña !!

This little wonder is incredible. She has the hottest outfits, the best moves, and a laugh that would make angels sing. I WANT ONE!
CLICK HERE to see the singer she is emulating in the above video, and see a video of La Pequeña dancing with a leather gimp after the jump.
Via the all new FEYFRIENDS BLOG.

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    OMG – That is very disturbing Reminds me of the movie Leprechaun

    “She” is absolutely hilarious!!!!

    omg scary!!!!

    Yeah , I think ‘she’ is a he, and i feel like he may want to bite me hard and draw blood. You can keep her. I don’t want her.


    OMG !!!!!
    2 dragon queens for the price of one.

    This crawling ghoul needs to be placed in a horror movie stat. Yikes.

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