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!! OMG he’s f**king Ben Affleck: Jimmy Kimmel !!

Revenge f*ck! Brad Pitt, Joan Jett, Harrison Ford, Christina Applegate, Macy Gray, Cameron Diaz, and Robin Williams are just a few of the celebrities who chip in to help Jimmy get back at Sarah for F*CKING MATT DAMON.

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    It was sooooo funny and JOSH GROBAN OMG!

    It’s a funny bit; but seems less precise and deadly than Silverman’s. I’m intrigued that so many celebs are willing to do this for Kimmel though.
    The stereotype gay part also seemed unnecessary — but given that Kimmel’s past credit included The Man Show, it wasn’t surprising that he went there.

    Ben is such an improvement over Sarah Silverman. She’s one gross bitch!

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