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!! OMG he’s naked: Bear Grylls !!

Outdoor wild man Bear Grylls of the show “Man vs. Wild” likes to take off his clothes when getting into or out of things. Mud. Rivers. Frozen lakes. Lava. Any excuse to get naked, hey Bear?
Though Discovery Channel doesn’t show the dingle-dong, they allow the butt – so check out his NSFW smooth bottom after the jump.


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    He is so gorgeous, we need to find a frontal picture!

    he does naked push-ups in the snow in another episode. and then there’s the peeing on the bandana shots. i wonder if they blur in britain and on the dvd?? yummy

    C’mon, we want the goods!!!

    He’s hot but he’s also a fraud.

    dang it! you got me all excited thinking it was his you know what! that was mean-i had already seen that on tv

    YES we need frontal shots…he is so hot. Plus cute ass!

    Nice ass, but we really need frontal pics.

    Some of us are butt men and like a nice rounded arse like this one. At last, somewhere to rest my head at night!

    It’s too bad they don’t show The Kratt Brothers (Be The Creature) like this — I guess the National Geographic Channel is more prudish.

    its weird, ive seen these before, but i always assumed he would have a hairy ass

    I want to see Bear full-frontal!
    What a cock-tease ..

    there are people said UK’s version is uncensored. Can you post the uncensored pics too? Thanks

    I am straight (believe me, not even bi ) But THIS MAN is hot. he turns me on, on masterbate over him….. i’de luv 2 fuck him in the ass

    i don’t care what anyone says i will always think he’s real because if it weren’t for him they would have a fugly old man on the show and that butt would be hidious also i like to drool over his stunningly sexy body esp. in his brit. undies 🙂 yummy….

    Hot pics! He;’s got a nice butt!!!!!

    I am str8 and I have also seen his cock it is well nice I want 2 fuk him any day and I want him 2 cum over me every night!!!

    I love to hear from the straight guys who want to fuck other good looking guys or is this a gay guy with a fetish of himself as straight who still is sexually active with guys too? Senseless. Just come out of that box with the door, but proceed with caution. You might trip on the wife and kids.

    hey, i really want to see his dick so badly!!!
    please!!! someone attach one!!!!!
    every single time i see that program i get a fucking hardon when he gets naked!!!
    but i cannot do anything because it’s censored!!!
    what a grief!!!

    i have seen his show before and i agree he has a sweet but , i want to see the pecker as well. but i will settle for his ass for now

    I would really like to see Bear Full Frontal As well. He is Super Sexy. I am constantly downloading pictures of beautiful Men. I also like pictures of Cocks. I like how Every Brit or European is not circumcised I suspect bear is intact

    Lets be honest Bear is hot hot hot. I want to see his eyes, his , butt, his pits, and yes I want to see his balls and his cock. God thinking about him gets me hard.

    bear is definately one hot man. i would love to see him totally naked. what a feast for the eyes that would be. but for now enjoy his eyes, the tufts of hair under his arms aqmd his great build and just use your imagination for the rest. MMMMM

    I want so much to see his intact cock. I think rumours of no censors in europe is bull else it would be easy to find online. I’ve been looking. you never see his dick

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